Starting April 2016, the plans designed to support companies in the race to modernize with state-of-the-art technology were officially included.  Below we give a detailed explanation of the differences of each of the plans.

StartUp Plan

This plan was designed to offer entrepreneurs and companies that are in the process of development.  We know that for these companies to obtain state-of-the-art technology to manage their business, they are often evaluated in the second phase due to their high costs.  This plan allows this segment of the market to access cutting-edge technology in an accessible way so that they can start on the right foot from the start!

  • Functionality:
  • Does not include My CRM.
  • My Company (Without Contracts).
  • My Finances (Without Bank Reconciliation, Income & Payments, Deposits, Fixed Assets).
  • Singular Search.
  • Access to Mobil App
  • Payment with Credit Card.
  • Chat Online Support.
Important Note: Even without the options defined in My Finances, this does not limit that you can not keep your accounting updated and with total certainty.  Additional 

My CRM Plan

This plan has been designed especially for all entrepreneurs and PYMES that need to efficiently manage their prospects and active clients.  The good client’s follow-up can generate not only successful sales but also the loyalty of the already existing ones.  With the InterFuerza CRM, you will be able to optimize all the activities and follow-ups for each account and measure the scope of the sales and aftersales processes.
  • Functionalities:
  • Opportunities.
  • Casas.
  • Tasks.
  • Projects.
  • Singular Search.
  • Acces to App Mobil.
  • Credit Card Payments.
  • Chat Online Support.

Plan Standard

This plan offers all of our platform potentials!  It is designed for companies that take seriously the good management of their business and their processes.  It offers all the features of our platform.

  • Funcionalidades:
  • My CRM.
  • My Company.
  • My Finances.
  • Singular Search.
  • Acces to App Mobil.
  • Pay using Crédito Card / Bank Transfer.
  • Chat Online / Phone Support.

Aditional Services

There are additional or complementary services to your InterFuerza account.  Which can:

  • Complementary Services:
  • My POS.
  • Turbo POS.
  • Face to face training.
  • Consulting in accounting and processes.

My POS / TurboPOS

My POS (Point of Sale) is one of the modules that powerfully extends InterFuerza.  It is specially designed to be installed on a computer allowing the following functions:

  • Designed for Fast Sales.
  • Allows integration with peripherals.
  • Ease and controls the opening and closing of boxes.
  • InterFuerza Inc integration and support.

In the case of the TurboPOS, it is a small device offered as a complimentary monthly service, which has the function of allowing power together with the module of My POS billing with or without Internet access.  That is (OffLine / OnLine).

  • High Performace Equipment
  • No equipment for purchase is required.
  • On online mode, it allows synchronization with the Cloud in real time.
  • In Offline mode, allows transactions to be made
  • Increase the speed of My POS, to be local.
  • Allows connecting multiple My POS without generating additional Internet consumption.

Contact Us

For any additional information about any of our plans or services, do not hesitate to contact us through our Online Chat.

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