In InterFuerza you can define as the main user the actions that you want your team to be able to execute on the platform.  This is established mainly by a topic of information control and activities.

Also, you can establish permissions to give or not, visibility to the different reports that the platform offers.

New Permit

We have added a new permission in InterFuerza that will allow you to control which users associated with your account can access the Cash Report that feeds the daily sales transactions that are recorded in the My Company module.

To define this permit, you must log in as the main user to your account:   Configuration / Users / Permits/ PER44001 – Report of Cash Report.  

Once assigned, you must click on “save permissions” in the upper right corner of your screen.

To activate the view and access to this report you must click on the box and make sure it has a gray color; if otherwise you do not want to give access to this report, the box must not be ckecked.  Thus, the system understands which are enabled for each of your users.

Who can make these changes?

Only the main users or masters, that have access to the user configuration and editing module, will be able to configure the accesses of the other users.

If you have any questions, write us through our Support Chat.  Our team will clarify all your doubts!


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