The payment functionality allows you to register the different expenses of your company, these account transactions can be, fee payments, salaries, commissions, among others.  In this section, we will guide you to:  

  1. Create Creditors.
  2. Set up recurring payments.
  3. Create payments.
  4. List payments.
  5. Print checks and proof of payment.

How to create a Creditor?

To register a payment in InterFuerza you must have creditors, we will guide you step by step on how to create a creditor.  With InterFuerza you will be able to have detailed management and control of your payments.  To create a creditor you must go to the My Finances module, create a payment, in the payment creation form properties click on Select Creditor.  

The system will open a new window, where you can list and create your creditors.

To register a new creditor in the platform you must click on Create Creditor, at the upper right part of your Creditor’s List. 

Once the creditor form has been completed, click on Create Creditor, in the upper left part of the form.  

How to set up recurrent payments?

Está funcionalidad, no sólo le permite crear pagos de forma fácil y segura, adicional usted contará con la opción de editar antes de crear  el documento, estas funcionalidades se encuentran en Resumen del módulo de Mis Finanzas. 









In the alerts section, at My Finances in the summary functionality, you will be able to edit or create the payment, remember that the system will take the data and accounts configured at the moment the payment was parameterized for the creation of the next Document / Payments.

 Will allow you to modify the voucher, before creating it.

 Clicking on this button automatically the voucher will be created.


How to create a payment with InterFuerza?

To create a payment in InterFuerza, you need to go to the module My Finances / Payments / Create. 

Form Creation:  The fields in red must be completed. 

For Description:


Assign an account with which you will make the payments.


Payment Properties: General information.

Creditors: select or create the creditor to whom you will make the payment.

Date: Indicate the transaction register date.

Reference: internal detail or ID in order to identify the payment.


Payment Detail:

Account: Select the account.

Description: Detail of payment to be made.

Dimensions: Allows you to assign the payment to a cost center and/or project (project applies to CRM).

Amount: payment value.


Listing the Payments  

Para buscar o ver los pagos  que se han creado en InterFuerza, debe  ingresar al módulo de Mis Finanzas / Pagos / Listar.

The platform will list general information about the payment, such as ID, reference, creditors, date, status and amount.  To see more details or print the voucher you must click on the icon: 

Once the document is selected, you will have the option of editing, printing, accounting Journaling and deleting.



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