Now at InterFuerza, you can manage the financial budget of your company and your projects in an efficient and controlled way.  The budget management of your company is a good practice that will allow you to better organize your expenses, income and sale costs, to meet the goals set during the fiscal period.

To access the budget module, you only need to go to My Finances and within the Finance group, you can find the budget module.  The image shows your location:


Budget Configuration

Once in the budget module,  you can see the following configuration screen:


Below find a description of the sections:



This section is where you define which budget you want to configure.  It allows you to search by the code and name of the account.  The category defines whether you want to configure the Income, Sale Cost or Expense accounts.  The year of he budget is necessary, and as optional, you can define a project to which you want to assinged a project.

When a project is defined in the budget, it will only be used to analyze when the project is selected in the reports.  It does not add to the global budget.

Apply Filters

This button applies the filters and loads the budget according to the defined filters.



This option offers two other options:

  • Load the previous year Real, this option allows loading the budget according to the filters but with the filled values with the Real Balance of the previous year.  This is useful building budgets based on previous periods.
  • Load Budgets from the previous year, this option loads the budget with the full values with the budget amount of the previous year.  This option is useful for creating a new budget based on the previous year.

Loading the Budget

Once the filters have been applied, the tool will display the accounting accounts according to the selected category and a table of the amount of each month of the period.  For example, we show you the following image:

Special Tools

For each accounting account line you can perform the following special actions:

Copy Line 

Where the option to copy allows you to apply the amount contained in the cell of the first month in all subsequent months.  This is useful in case the amount defined in the first month is the same throughout the other months.

Raise the Value by %  

This option allows you to apply the amount added an additional percentage to the amount in each cell of the account.  For example, in the case that the amount of a cell is 100.00 and the same is asked to increase by 10% the amount of the cell will change to 110.00.  This is useful for the case of using the charged amounts and applying in a single action all the cells of the line.

Saving a Budget

Once you have applied the filters in the Filter section, it will load the budget that is Una vez usted haya aplicado los filtros en la sección de Filtros el mismo cargará el presupuesto que se cuenta. Podrá editar al cambiar los valores.

To save the budget just click on the button “Save Changes”

Budget Analysis with Real

The budget tool has its own analysis report.  The same allows comparing the Result State with the configured budget.


Once the report is executed the same will be shown as follows:



Where you can change the analysis options with the Options button, as follows more information is displayed:


Once you are ready, you can apply your filters with the “Apply” button.  We will show you below a report based on our test budget.



Where we can see that our Salaries account has a real of 6,550.00 and a budget of 34,000.00.  Giving us an availability of 27,450.00 of our budget.  The green color shows that we are in a permissible range and yellow shows that there is no budget for this analysis and red shows that we are out of budget range.

Manejo de Presupuesto de Proyectos

The module allows you to define the budget for the open projects that you have in the My CRM module, it is establishes when you choose the project you want to budget when you configure the budget.  For example, at the moment you set the filters to load the budget for editing, you can see the project manager open here:



Also, when analysing the budget versus real, you can do it for a project by defining it in the Option Section.



As you can see, the budget tool allows you to control over the expenses and your projects income in a simple way.


At InterFuerza we strive to every day offer you improvements that allows you to manage your business with the best practices.  Your success is our success!

Remeber that you can contact us in our Support Chat for any additional inquiry.

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