What does the Pay functionality allows me to do?

This funcional allows you to relate the transactions of credit notes and advances as a mean of payment for invoices with outstanding balance.  To use these documents as a mean of payment, you must ensure that the invoice is duly created in the POS and is a credit type.

Starting with the creation process, please go to the section of payment on POS main page, once in, the menu and the documents/transactions created in InterFuerza, will be habilitated.


Payment Menu

Once the payment option is selected, you will find the following functions that will allow you to proceed with the billing process in a fast way.

  1. Charge: Once the transaction has been selected click on Charge, in case there is surplus, indicate the means of payment.
  2. Customer: When the costumer has been selected, the transaction with balance will be listed in order to apply the payment.
  3. Documents: You will be able to see all the transactions with outstanding balances.
  4. Clean: Delete the selected documents allowing to start from scratch.


To relate different transactions and make the charges follow these steps:

  1. Select the customer, this in case the transaction has been created to a specific customer.
  2. Search the documents or transactions to be related (credit notes, credit memo and invoice).
  3. Make the collection, in case of having a surplus, indicate the means of the collection.

How to register the surplus?

If when selecting the transactions, in the total there is an amount to be paid.  When you click on charge you must register the way in which the customer will pay the surplus, as shown below.


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