They are extraordinary income, other than the sale of products and/or service, which increases the capital of the company; established in InterFuerza in the module My Company.  

In order to create an income in the platform you must go to My Finances / Incomes / Create.  

Creation Form:

Observation: The fields in red are required.  

Form Description:

Owner of the Collection:  

Name: Title or description of the income.
Date: Date of registration.
Reference: Document reference Id o code.

Bank Account  

Account: In this section you must enter the income accounting account.


Account: Assign the income account.

Description: Detail of the entry or document to be registered.

Cost Center: Allows you to assign the income to a cost center previously created in the system.

Select Project:  Automatically relates the accounting movement to a project, it must be created in the CRM module.

Amount: Indicate the value or balance of the income.


To end the process of creating, you must click on Create Income.


Income Listing  

You will be able to, search or see the generals of all the income previously created in the platform, by accessing the module My Finances / Income / List. 


To edit, check the accounting movement, add new lines, or delete the entry, you must select the document by clicking on the following icon:   

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