InterFuerza provides lots of functionalities in order to modernize your company.  One of them is the photo or image management in the product inventory.  This is very useful in order to prepare the company when it comes to print quotes with its respective photo or even, very soon, the publication of your products and inventory to an e-commerce portal or  pdf catalog.  

How to upload Product Photos / Images

The product photos or images are uploaded within the kardex of each product.  First you must go to the product’s list at “My Company>Products & Services”.  


Once inside the Product and Services, select the product photo or images you wish to manage.

Clicking on the indicated icon, the image manager will open, as shown in the following window.

In this window you can see the pointer, (1) Use the option to upload the detail photo or image and the option (2) in order to attach a small image that will used at the listings.

You can attach a single small image and multiple detail images.  The recommended format for photo or image are:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

An interesting idea is that you can use a moving GIF that shows the rotation of the product, giving a better experience and detail of the product.

We come to an end of the images management tutorial in your product inventory.

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