With InterFuerza, you can have control of your transactions, this functionality allows you to record transfers from a specific account to your checking account, such as a bank, cashier, etc.

To register an accounting deposit you mus enter the module, My Finances / Deposits / Create. 

Form Creation:  Fields in red are to be completed.

Detail Form:  

Bank Account

Account: From the deposit’s destination select the account that needs to be made.  The system will show the current cash accounting accounts, such as banks and cash boxes.

Deposit Properties: 

Date: Select the record rage of the deposit. 

Reference: Allows assigning an ID or reference to the document.

Comment: Deposit description or detail. 


Transactions to be Deposited: 

Account: Select the source ledger account, the system will show you your account catalog to select. 

Warehouse: Assign the warehouse where the accounts are registered.  

Date: In this section, tell the system the date range En esta sección debe indicarle al sistema el rango de fechas de recopilación de las transacciones que desea depositar.

Details of Transactions to be Deposited:  


Select Transfers: 


 By clicking here, you will choose the transaction to be deposited.


Deposit Total:  To verify the deposit total value to be made, you need to go to the end of the transaction list.  The system automatically performs the mathematical calculations.


Once the balances have been verified proceed to the creation of the deposit from the option:  Create Deposit 



Deposit List:   

To search or see the created deposits on the platform, access the module, My Finances / Deposits / List.  

You will see the created deposits and the general information of each, such as ID, reference, accounting account, due and amount.

To edit, verify the accounting journal of the deposit, or cancel the document, you must enter the detail of the deposit by clicking on the icon:

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