The daily vouchers, allows the registration of the different transactions of the company such as: adjustments, closures, cash box, opening of operations, among many more.  To create an InterFuerza journal voucher, you must go to My Finance / Daily voucher / create module.  

Creation Form:  The fields in red are mandatory.

For Details

Voucher Reference:  Code or title referring to the transaction or entry that is to be made. (Obligatory field).

Date: Period or date in which the transaction will be recorded. (Obligatory field). 

Account: Its purpose is to register only the codes, accounts and accounting sub-accounts. Description: Concept or informative detail of the transaction or accounting record.

Dimension: It allows to relate the voucher with other functionalities of the platform, such as: projects, cost center and creditors, with the aim of linking the transaction to third parties.

Debit and Credit: Record the values of the accounts that have been debited, credited or credited.  

Total Balance

To verify the voucher’s balance, you must go to the inferior right of the document.  It is important that the balance be found in value (0), otherwise, the system will not allow you to create the voucher.

Balance is not in cero (0)

How to set up the recurrent vouchers? 

This functionality allows you to generate alerts that can be found in the Summary functionality of the My Finances model, in addition it will facilitate the creation of the voucher, taking into account the the configurations already made.  



To see the recurrent vouchers, you must go to My Finances, Summary: 

 Allows you to modify the voucher before creating it.

 By clicking on this botton, the voucher would be created automatically.

Listing Daily Vouchers

To search or see the created vouchers in InterFuerza, you must go to the module My Finances / Daily Vouchers / Listing.  

The platform will list the general information such as: ID, descrito, date, reference and debit and credit amount.

To modify, cancel, print or see more details of the voucher you need to click on the following icon:  

Example of the printed document:

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