The advances are installments with balances in favor of a client, which can later be used as a means of payment to a credit invoice.  To start the collection process, you must go to the main POS page, and select the advances option.

Menu for Advances:

Once you enter the advance functionality, you will have the options to create or list clients, charge and clear, in order to make it an easy process.

  1. Collection: Save the registered payment/deposit.
  2. Clients: Allows you to view and select the client to whom the advance will be made.
  3. Create Client: You can create new clients.
  4. Clear: Clears data in order starting from scratch.

How to create the Collection?

Once the client has been created or selected, to which the collection/ advance payment will be made, you must proceed to register the amount and click on cash to complete the transaction, as shown in the following image.

Collection Type

To finalize the register of the collection/advance, you must select the option to collect, in this section, you must indicate the way in which the client will be making the payment (cash, check, card, etc).

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