The Daily Browser is a tool that allows you to analyze the details of each financial transaction that has been registered in InterFuerza.

To have access to the Daily Browser go to the module My Finances and select the Daily Browser option:

It has filters that analyzes the detailed information in the level of Account, Journal or ID reference or secondary reference of the registers.

Once the filters are defined you will be able to:

  • Apply filters: Allows you to apply the selected filters.
  • Print:  The screen where the register report is found.  Keep in mind that it applies only to what is seen in the screen.
  • Excel Export: Allows you to export ALL registers to excel.


Result Screen

Once you apply the filters, the Result Screen will show all the applied registers:

 This icon will take you to the specific document, no matter to which module it belongs to.

Result Description:

Account: Is the code and account name.

Date: Transaction date. 

Reference: Is the document ID, this field can not be modified, which links the operative document with the finances.

Ref Sec: Solo aplica en algunos casos, es la referencia que usa el usuario en los documentos que lo permite.

Fuente: Es el modulo operativo que se originó la transacción. Las opciones y sus significados son:

AP-NC:  Journal of Credit Reports to Suppliers

AP-PAY: Payments Journal

AP-PUR-INV: Purchase Journal (Inventory Records).

AP-PURCHASE: Purchase Journal 

AR-BILL: Sales Journal

AR-BILL-COSTS: Sale Daily Cost

AR-DEPOSIT: Deposit Journal

AR-NC: Customer Credit Notes Journal

AR-PAY: Collection Journal

CLOSED-PERIOD: Fiscal Period Closure

INV-AJ: Inventory Adjustment Journal

INV-AJ-COSTS: Inventory Adjustment Journal (Outputs)

MAN-ENTRY: Daily Voucher

TIME-SHEET: Time Records.

Description: Corresponds to the specific register detail.

Saved by:  In this section the user, the date and hour in which the registration was made, will be seen.  In some cases you will be able to see the user that starts with CRON which is the automatic process of the system.

Debit: Is the debit amount of the transaction.  

Credit: Is the credit amount of the transaction.



The journal browser allows you to see the initial balance, regardless of the date filters previously configured.  You can also see the summary after the transactions, allowing you to see the total balance at the current date:


Observation: It is important to note that you can have more information, for on the screen the system groups the transactions by page according to the number of records.   Use the page browser at the end of the records and for the final balance.  

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