How to print my credit note with the integrator?

One of the main objectives of the integrator is to allow you to quickly and easily convert all your transactions in tax documents.  In this section, we will guide you on how to list and print your fiscal credit notes.

The first thing you should do is, make sure you have created your transaction through the IntterFuerza web platform.

After the creation of the credit note, you must go to the integrator main menu and select the credit notes option, as shown in the following example:

List Credit Notes

Once you enter the credit/refund note option, you can view all your created transactions in InterFuerza that are pending for printing; on the other hand, you will have additional options that allow you to search for a specific document or mass print all your credit-notes/returns.

In this way, the credit/refund notes will be listed in the InterFuerza fiscal integrator.

Print credit/refund notes

In order to print credit/refund notes you must select the document and double click on it, the system will send an alert that will indicate that you will proceed to register a FISCAL ID on the credit/refund note, to finish you must click on accept.

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