In this article we want to present important information on how InterFuerza complies natively with the imposition of fiscal printers by the Government of the Republic of Panama.

More information on laws can be found   Here!

Below you will find relevant information on how InterFuerza integrates with the fiscal printers.

Compatible Printer Brands.

Our tax module is compatible with the following printer brands:

  • Hazar
  • Bixolon
  • Tally
  • Bematech
  • Citizen

No need to worry if your printer is not compatible, for we can provide one that is compatible with InterFuerza.

Available ways to audit in InterFuerza

We have two ways to monitor the invoices with the fiscal printer in Panama. Which are specially designed for different applications in a company.

For fast selling companies as Sale Points

For companies that need to monitor at the client’s speed and has the concept of store sale, we have Sale Point fully integrated into the platform, where you can sell and collect inventory of the store and print the invoice with tax  to its customers in a speedy way.  Just ask your sales advisor that you want the InterFuerza POS and he will help you with the process to quickly implement it.

The InterFuerza POS can have additional cost, please confirm with your advisor. 

For Companies that bill on the web

For companies that use web invoicing, which is done from the web platform, they can check their invoices quickly and at not cost.  This application is downloaded and configured to the compatible fiscal printer and will be ready to monitor your invoices without setbacks.  For more information, please contact your sales agent or simple create a chat at InterFuerza support chat.  

Our priority is that the InterFuerza Platform is kept up-to-date, and that our clients comply with the regulations of their countries.  If you have more questions do not hesitate to write us in the support chat from your InterFuerza account.

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