When starting to use InterFuerza in your business, one of the first steps that needs to be taken is to import information to the platform.  This happens with frequency when migrating from another platform or from simple excel templates. InterFuerza has designed tools that will allow you to import through templates in format CSV, which are important masters needed to start with the platform.

Before Starting…

A CSV is a flat file whose columns are separated by “,” commas.  For more information about this type of files, click here.

It is important to note that any of the masters can be imported, however before anything else, there is an importer that needs to be done.  The Account Catalog is the importer that defines the accounting account plan.  After importing this you must proceed with the configuration of the account master, you may see the manual, here.


In addition you must consider and read the indications expressed in the importers, for there are special options that can seriously affect the information found in these masters.  For example, when importing products you may see the following options:

As you can observe the options can delete the existent information and carry on certain changes to the master’s configurations.

Access to the Importation Assistant.

In order to access the Importation Assistant you must go the Configuration > Data Importer section.


Once you have accessed the option the system will show the importation assistant:


Which offers the following options:

Selecting the Template to be Imported.

This option allows to import clients to this platform.  In order to start please select this option and click on “Start”.


Once you are in this template (screen) you may attach the file you want to import.  You can also Download a Template as an example to be guided with the process.

The Template Description shows the details according to the selected importer, that must be contained in the logically special file, that is required in certain columns.  For example, in the case of customers we can see the following screen:


Where (*) is shown is because are required fields, and the Value field, shows the accepted values.  Please fill out correctly all the required columns and the accepted values, in order to avoid errors from the importer.

Filed Mapping

Once clicking “Next” a screen will show for the field configuration, and associate them with the platform fields.  The next screen shows the case of clients’ importation.


The fields with (!) are required fields.

Confirm the pending columns values and make sure that the lines to be imported are the correct ones.

Another option to configurate the columns is using the icon:


By clicking on it you may see the horizontal way of associating the columns and see an extract of the field values allowing you to see a preview of the column contents.  The following screen shows the case of client’s imports.


Once the selected file is ready for importing and to be configurared, proceed with ” Next”.  The last screen will show up.


Such templates confirm that the import has been succesful!

 Accountable Accounts

Many of the masters depend on the accounting account’s configuration,  the system does this automatically based on the accounting account master.

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