In InterFuerza, every time a transaction is made, the tool is internally processing each and every one of the transactions together with its corresponding counterparts. All this information feeds the financial statements of your company in an automatic and in real time way.

In some financial analysis reports, you will be able to find certain hyperlinks that will allow you to analyze which transactions in the selected date range, have contributed to generate the balance that we are viewing.

These hyperlinks can be found in the following financial reports:

  • Test Balance
  • Status Results
  • Monthly Result Status
  • Status of the Income Statement per Cost Center


In each of the reports a hyperlink will be found above the figures, that when clicked, the transaction associated to that balance will be shown.

Image of reference – Income Statement by Cost Center. 

As we can see in the above example, in the Other Income / Via España line, there is a balance of $1567.89, when you click on this figure, the following window will open with the detailed information of each of the transactions:


Image of reference – Accounting detail of Other Income Account

The Reference column of the Accounting Detail also has a link that will take us automatically to the document that affected this account, where according to the document, it will show the different options for consultation, deleting and / or editing.

Log in to my finances module, accounting reports and start using this new function, where you will be able to analyze in much more detail your Financial Statements. In case any doubt arises in reference to the link’s operations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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