One of InterFuerza’s main caracteristics is that the information is provided on real time, allowing the process of invoice, returns and orders (applies to the restauran version) to be faster.  In this section, we will guide you on the creation and the customer listing in the different POS functionalities.

Creación de clientes

A continuación le mostraremos como crear sus clientes en tres pasos:

  1. Create Customer
  2. Process basic information
  3. Create

To start the creation process please go to the section of invoice, return and / or tables/orders (orders applies to the restaurant version)


First, go to the menu, select the option Create Customer (applies to the invoicing menu, return and/or tables/orders).

Second, process the creation form,  the fields indicated in red are mandatory.  To finish the creation process click on create.

List Customers

In order to see the end list you have created in the different platform tools, you must go to the section of invoice, return and/or tables/orders (applies for the restaurant version) and click on the customer option.  Here, you may select it and create an invoice to a specific customer, as shown in the following image:


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