If a transaction is made from the POS, consider this step.  The POS processes are integrated at the operational level to the InterFuerza platform.  However, the accounting of all your transactions is a manual process, but a very simple one.

Below pls find the steps to perform the posting of the POS (Sale Point) transactions.

To run the process you only need to go to the Accounting Report screen under the “My Finances” module:



As you can see once the “General System Table” is open, the system will show the next window:



Where we can see the line “Unposted POS Registers” in red with the value FAILED, is an indication that there are existing transaction that have not been posted

To carry on the posting process, just click the button:

As soon as this is done, the system will open a window confirming that the posting of the accounting records has finished.

The records made by the POS are registered in the “My Company” module.  This is to report the records made by the POS to the general ledger.


It is important to carry out this process on a recurring basis because without it you, will not be able to see the records made by the POS in the accounting books.  

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