Project Accounting is a powerful functionality for your business, it adds an additional dimension to accounting and at the same time allows you to integrate your business processes.  A few examples of what this functionality allows you to do, we have:

  • Construction Projects
  • Job to clients
  • Take the projects margins that have costs and incomes
  • Working Orders

This module allows you to carry out the accounting of all types of projects and it is integrated into all the InterFuerza modules.  Within the documents that can relate a project at the accounting level, we have:  Purchases

  • Providers Credit Notes
  • Customers Invoices
  • Customer Credit Notes

This module not only allows you to carry out the accounting of the same, but also the operational part, such as the tasks, attach files, notes and a detailed follow up of the project.

Creation and Management of the Project

To start the creation of a project, you may proceed to create it from “My CRM/Projects/Create Project.”  Be sure to fill out the fields in red that are required.  In case you will only use the project to keep account of it, just fill the necessary fields with a descriptive information of the project. The project relationship with a client is useful for different industries.  If you do not wish to relate them with a client, you may create your company as a customer and associate the projects with it.

As soon as the project is created, the following window can be seen.


Where option (1) are the project properties, (2) is the purchase list related to the project, (3) is the invoices list related to the project.  There is a lower option, which shows a summary of all the records made with the project.  Which can be seen as follows:

Once the project has being created, it will be ready to be applied to the different documents.


Register Financial Documents to the Project.

The Project Module is connected to practically to the most important modules of the platform.  The modules that allow registering the projects are:

  1. Inventory Purchase and Amount
  2. Supplier Credit Notes. Notas de Credito de Proveedores
  3. Customer Invoices.  Facturas de Clientes
  4. Customer Credit Notes. Notas de Credito de Clientes
  5. Payments to creditors Pago a Acreedores
  6. Daily Accounting vouchers.    Comprobantes Diarios de Contabilidad

Within each mentioned module you will se the “Project Field”, which is similar to the image below:

With the exception of the “Creditors and Daily Voucher Payments” module, with we can see in the following image:

All these fields open the project searcher, which allows to search for all the projects and be able to associate them to the registry or document you want.

Available Accounting Reports

The accountable report of the projects can be found from the project itself.  Once you are inside the project you can access them, as shown in the following image:

Where (1) is the Trail Balance that analyzes all the accountable accounts in search of an specific project record.  And (2) is the Monthly Result Statement analyzed by the Accounting Account with the project records.

Project Financial Report.

In the October 2015 version a Financial Report was introduced, which can be open from the project.

When the report us runner Al ejecutar el reporte se podrá ver información detallada financiera de los movimientos contables del proyecto.

Project Budget Management

InterFuerza allows you to establish a financial budget by project.   The same is done from the budget setting.  You can access to know your management here.


This module opens and endless range of opportunities to new ideas of how you can carry out the accounting of any project in a more orderly way.  Once more, remember that projects can be any type of activity, process, task or client relationship that you wish to keep record of, in an independent way, but within the overall accounting of your company.

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