Here we will guide you on how to make the configurations of your users from creation, then permissions and restrictions on them.

How to create a new user in InterFuerza?

InterFuerza will enable the availability of the number of hired users.  To start the creation process, go to the Configuration / Users module.   

Are users who are associated with your company, and necessarily are part of your billing.  

Step 1

Once the account has been enabled to create new users in your account, click on the option Invite User, as shown in the following image.

Step 2

The following will open a window where you must register the user’s email.  The system performs an automatic validation to verify that the email is not previously associated with an InterFuerza account.

Step 3

To complete the creation process, you must proceed to fill in the basic information of our new user.  Once finished you must click Create User, as shown below:

Permits Administration 

After the creation of your user, it is important to enable the permits you want to provide to it, in this section you can control the access to each of the functionalities by InterFuerza.

In order to enable user’s permits, select each one of the functionalities found in the list, and proceed to click on Save Permits, as shown below: 

The boxes not selected, are the disabled permits for the users. 


InterFuerza does not have a user limit, however, you must consider that each user is part of your billing.  To request additional users you can contact our sales team through our Chat Support.

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