Clients are a fundamental pilar in the development of any company’s comercial relationship.  With InterFuerza, you will be able to create your customer portfolio and manage all your commercial and operational logistics in real tiem.  The Client Module allows you to:

  1. Create New Clients.
  2. List all your Clients.
  3. Generate initial balances per client.
  4. View updated account statements.
  5. Have all your client’s transaction history.


In order to create a client, please go to My Company / Clients / Create.  






 Once the Create option is selected, the following form will open:  

The assigned fields in red,  are not optional.  To finalize the creation process click on the Safe option.  Los campos señalados en color rojo, son de carácter obligatorio.  Para finalizar el proceso de creación debe dar clic en la opción de Guardar.

You will find the form subdivided as follows:

  • General Information: Customer type and contact details
  • Client Properties: Type of customer, price list assignment and salesperson, tax parameterization and status.
  • Additional Information: Contact details such as address, website, and country.
  • Credit Properties: Days and customer credit limit.  This information is taken into account for billing.
  • Accounting Account: Ledger account assignment (the default account will be displayed in the master).

You will be able to see all the created clients in the platform entering from My Company / Clients / List. Your customer list will look like this, by clicking on Select Client, this allows you to view all the documents and related transactions.



The client’s information goes from the general data, to his quotes, billing, collections, credit notes, current balance’s history among other relevant data of the same:  


Client’s Initial Balance. 

Observation: The balance assigned through the Initial Balance must be recorded in the My Finances module with its respective accounting entry. 

The initial balance sheets in customers allows for an informative allocation of outstanding balances or subscribers, which are reflected in the statements of account.  

To assign an initial balance you must select the client to which you will register and click on the Initial Balance option, which you will find in the top right of the Client’s Dashboard.  


Once the initial balance option is selected, the following window will show up: 

– Reference: Code, Id, which identifies the registry.  

– Date: Period in which the balance will be recorded.   

– Note: Title, breve concept or description of the assigned balance.

– Balance Receivable: complete values without signs. 

– Balance in favor of the Client: Fill values with a negative sign (-)





Account Statement

To generate an account statement in InterFuerza, you need to enter the client’s dashboard and select the option “View Statement”,  which will be shown at the top right.  

 1.  Assing the date range.

2.  Select the option “Generate PDF”.



When generating a PDF document, you may view in the document the movement of the clients related: your billing, collections, credit notes.  Finally, you wil be able to view the balance of the costumer that has been paid or pending to be paid.



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