The  account chart is the backbone when using InterFuerza accounting system.  Its proper configuration and adaptation to the company’s owner or the accountant’s need are vital fo the preparation of your company’s financial statements.  We have two options: you can use the predefined when you register, or import the personalized catalog.  

Our recommendation for when a company starts with InterFuerza is to be clear from the beginning on the account chart that will be using.  You should not create any type of transaction in InterFuerza without first defining this point.

Using the InterFuerza predefine Chart

When registering your company, the system assigned an account chart, predefined by our team.  It is an account chart with all the basic accounts necessary to operate with InterFuerza.  You can freely use and can modify it as needed with out any problem.  You can access  the catalog from My Finances / Account Chart, in the screen the predefined is shown:



The balances shown are an example from our company’s DEMO and are symbolic.  

You can create or modify the account chart from this window, to Create an account is very simple to understand as shown below:


The Code refers to the account numbering and the Account Name.  Within the Category and the Type we have options that define the nature of the accounting account. The category defines the account first level and the Type defines the account’s lowest level.

I want to use my own Account Catalog.

If you choose to use your own account catalog then you have two options.  The first option is to request through our contact channels your desire of having your account catalog cleaned out from your system.  Once it is clean, you can start to create your accounts, if this process is too complex,  proceed to assemble an Excel file with the necessary information and import your chart.

Do not hesitate to consult our agents in order to receive a template and indications on how to import the account chart to your platform.

Very soon InterFuerza will offer users the possibility to import their files through and online assistant.

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