The Account Catalog is InterFuerza’s backbone.  Its proper configuration and adaptation to the company’s needs are final for the creation of financial statements of your company.  When registering your company, the system assigned a predefined catalog of accounts to your company.

It is a catalog that holds all the basic accounts, necessary to operate with InterFuerza, which you can modify or create new accounts.  In this section we will guide you on how to create and let your accounting accounts.  

In order to create a accounting account, you must go to the module My Finances / Account Catalgo / Create.  

Fill out the Creation Form:

Observation: The accounts in red are required. 

General Information:

  • Code:  Accounts ID, the system will not allow you to continue if the code has already been created and assigned to another account.
  • Name: Accounting Accounts Title.
  • Description: This field is optional and allows you to add descriptive details of the account.

Category and Type:

  • Category: Assign a category, this information is found already configurare by the system.
  • Type: Assign an account type, example: costs, active, expense, etc.
  • Inactive: Allows to you manage the accounts to be used in the system, as well as to configure the catalog to handle mother accounts.

Listing Accounting Accounts 

To search or to see your account catalog you must go to My Finances / Account Catalog / Listing.  

The system will show the account generals, previously created in InterFuerza, such as:  ID, name, hierarchy, category, type and balances.  To see mor details click on the following icon:   

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