InterFuerza manages the salespeople in an independent way to the system users.  In this section we show the management of the vendors.

Where to find the Salesperson Management?

The Salesperson’s management can be access from Configuration / Chart Administrator

Which allows you to manage the Salesperson List.

Here, you can place in an username that is, the user to which it is related or linked.  If it is not related, you can leave it empty.

Warehouse Is the warehouse’s name to which the salesperson in linked, you can live the space empty if you wish to have it available to all the warehouses.

Name: The salesperson’s name.

Cod_Salesperson: Salesperson’s name used internally.

Once you created your salespersons then you can add the following documents:

  • Quotations
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes


Linking the Salespeople to their sales documents

If you want to link a salesperson to a sales document you could do so at the time of the creation and edition of each document.  In all sales documents you will be able to see your vendors in the following seller’s field:

Where you can select the salesperson you wish to see.

The salesperson in the sales reports:

In the case of seller’s sales, you can see the sales by sellers in the following report:

To obtain this result in your sales summary report, you must configure it with the following option:

You may also generate the Grouping at a detailed level will show more details of the information.

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