The Calendar allows you to have control of your time and commitment.  This functionality not only allows you to schedule meetings, events, tasks, but to relate them to your clients, opportunities, cases, tasks and projects.

In this section we will show how to create an event and relate it to the different functionalities and / or users, to start please go to the CRM / Calendar / Create module.



Relationship of the Event: Select client, opportunity, case, task and project.  Once an event is related in any of these functionalities it will appear in the dashboard of each.

Date and Time:  Assign a date and time of the event.  

Alarm: Will allow you to configure an alert through email of the created event.

Event Properties:  Specifics of the meeting or event already created.

Event Description:  Detail of the event.  

Guests: This function will allow you to related an user in the platform to a created event. 

Once you have completed all the information of the event, you can proceed to save the data on the platform by clicking on Save.  All events created in InterFuerza will be displayed when you list your calendar.

InterFuerza offers different functionalities that will allow you to filter your created events in a simple and fast way.  You will be able to visualize the pending events such as invitation confirmation, invitations made related to a case, opportunity, task, project or client.  Additionally you will have viewing options: Monthly, weekly and daily, so that you can adapt your calendar to your needs / or likes.

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