Customers are a fundamental pillar for the development of the company’s business relations. With the CRM modus, you will not only be able to create your customer portfolio, but mange all your customer service logistics, support, customer loyalty, follow-up, attention, reports or tickets, among many more functions.

The client module will allow you to:

  1. Create new client.
  2. List all your clients.
  3. See the contacts related to a client.

To create a client, you must go to CRM / Accounts / Create.

Once you have selected the option of “create”, the following form will be shown:

All the fields in red are required to be filled out.  To finalize the creation process you must click on the Save option.  

You will find that the form is subdivide by:

  1. General Information: Type of client and contact information. 
  2. Client Properties: Type of client.  Price y vendor list assignment, param Tipo de cliente, Asignación de lista de precio y vendedor, parameters of tax and status.
  3. Adicional Information: Additional contact information such as address, website, and country.
  4. Credit Properties: Days and credit limits.  This information is taken in account for billing.
  5. Accounting Account: Account assignment (the predetermined account will be displayed in the master).


You can see all the created customers or prospects converted to the platform by entering from the CRM / Accounts / List module.  Your list of total clients will look like this; by clicking on Select Client you will see all the records related to it.


The client’s information, goes from its general data, to the record of opportunities, cases, contacts and documents attached through file repository. 




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