With InterFuerza you can efficiently manage all your company’s business logistics.  The prospect functionality will allow you to follow up your sales opportunities, negotiation phases, schedule your events, economic proposals, among many more functions.  

To create a prospect you must enter the module CRM / Prospect.  

Once the prospective customer feature is selected, it will be directed to the dashboard, which will allow you to create, search and track your prospects.

 Historical Follow up Tracker Viewer

When you click on “eye” icon, you can validate the information related to the prospective customer,  as well as the latest follow-up that was done to it:

Add Followups

By clicking to the “phone” icon you can add information related to the prospective customer, that is, follow-ups and date of the next contact:

 How to create a prospective customer?

To create your prospectus, you will have the option of creating and importing.  By clicking on the “New” icon, you will need to fill out the creation form.  With to import option, you will load the information from an excel template, through our data importer.

Observation: Fields in red must be filled out.  

       Observation: To load from the importer, you must do so from a csv file.

Prospective Customers Generals

This section will allow you to see the general information of your prospect, add traces, notes, create quotes, attach documents, assign new agents/users, value your proposals, convert your prospect into client and/or close opportunities.  To enter the general information select the prospectus.

How to create quotations to my prospective customers

To create quotes from a prospect, you should go to the Properties section on the left side of the generals, select the new quotation option, fill in the quotation fields.  For more information on the quotation process with InterFuerza click here.

How to create events for my prospective customers?

You will see all the events related to your prospectus in the Properties section, however, the creation of events must be done from the CRM module, in the Calendar option.

How to add tracking to my Prospective Customers?

Notes: Add notes to the prospect’s history.

Follow-ups:  Allows to register comments, calls, meetings or commercial management e-mails carried out.  Also, to update the date of the next contact that needs to make.

Value:  Assign the value to the financial proposal, of the sale opportunity.  

Close: Sale opportunity closure.  (win sale/lost sale). 

Follow-up phase Actualization.

This feature allows you keep the status of the sale opportunities or negotiations created on the platform well organized and updated.  To make changes, just click on the phase, the system will automatically update the phase of the opportunity of the prospect. 

Prospective Customer to Customer Conversion

To proceed on converting a prospective customer to a customer, click on the “convert” option, which will be found on the upper right of the leaflet generals.  

  • Fill out leaflet form:  Relate prospect as a new customer or an existing customer.

Fields in red must be filled out. 

  • Fill customer form:  General customer information.

Fields in red must be filled out.

  • Convert: Once the prospectus and customer’s information has been completed, you can proceed to save the data by clicking on Convert, to see your customer in CRM you can go to Account, and in My Company, go to Clients.

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