This section is used to administrate some tables or charts at the InterFuerza platform


Details as follows:


Industries:  this refers to the industries where your company’s clients are specialized, and are used when creating a client.

Contries Used in Customers:  It allows to create the different cities to which your client portfolio may belong to.


Collections Bank List:  Allows the creation of Banks to be used in the collection module.

Credit Card List: Allows the creation of different credit card brands used in the sales collection module.

Other Collection List:  In this chart the different payment forms that are to be used in the payment module found in the Finance Module are parameterized.


Event Types:  The different events type are defined, that are to be used in the Calendar Module.

Contact Source:  The different contact sources are define, that are to be used.

Time Table

Employee Rate:  Creates the rates to be used in the time table.

Weekly Configuration for TimeTable:  The preparation periods for the worksheets are parameterized.


Inventory Adjustment Categories:  The categories to be used in the inventory adjustments are defined here, and each one with its respective accounting account in order to make the mooring with the Financial Module.


Provider Types:  The different types of providers are defined here allowing the classification of them.


Cost Centers:  This table allows you to control the costs centers that the platform has, in order to be integrated with the financial management of the Cost Centers.

How to use the Administrator

Within each of the charts you have the options of creating or adding new lines,  edit the existing ones or delete them.

Add new lines:  Allows  to add new lines within each of the charts or tables,  press the action button to add lines, it is shown in each chart or table.

Edit:  In order to edit a line from some charts or tables,  next to the line an icon will appear, the same will allow the needed changes or edit existing lines in the chart.

Delete:  Allows you to delete lines from the chart or table, for this, next to the line a delete icon will appear, it is important to keep in mind that as soon as you delete a line there is no way to recuperate the deleted information.

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